In the Rain City Church YOUTH HALL we are committed to creating an atmosphere where EVERY kid can belong, be known, and be presented with the life changing news of the gospel.


Boys in the Hall
  • Relational – We do people over projects, people over program. We exist to walk alongside of kids, for them to be known, and for us to consistently point them towards Jesus.

  • Depth – We are committed to deepening every kid’s knowledge of the Bible and who God is. 

  • Focused on Identity – In a world where youth NEED to know their true and only identity, We will constantly teach that we are sons and daughters of Christ, and that everything we do and who we are, flows out of that. 

  • Encouraging & Safe - We will always be committed to creating a safe and encouraging atmosphere that inspires kids to be who they are, AND REAL. 


Marcus in Gaga Pit

Middle Schoolers & High Schoolers meet in the Youth Hall at 10am for some awesome games, worship, messages that inspire growth, and a chance to sit down in small groups to talk about how the message applies to our lives.


We are passionate about making sure that teenagers know that living a life for Jesus is more than just Sundays. We do this in 3 ways:

Summer Camp.jpg
  • Meeting Students where they are - We show up at their sporting events, concerts, recitals, schools, you name it. We believe that a student’s faith is strengthened when a youth leader is consistently showing up in their life. 

  • Mid-Week Small Group - This is a time every week where leaders and students meet and do life together. Whether its grabbing a bite to eat or reading the bible together, students have the opportunity to be a part of a community during the week that is committed to growing closer together, and more importantly to Jesus. 

  • Service Projects & Trips - From rock climbing & rafting trips, to serving our area's homeless, our hope is that students see that being a part of a church means being adventurous together while being a part of something bigger than ourselves. We want students to see that they play a huge part in changing this world for the better.