Michelle is a volunteer member of our teaching team who brings a fresh and thoughtful perspective to the Bible and how it intersects with our lives today.  Michelle and her husband, Tony, write an excellent blog called, #StayMarried, which is a great resource for people who, well... want to stay married.  She's a big fan of reading and researching about what makes relationships work and helping people get the very most out of their marriages.  She is also a $10 bottle of wine aficionado and is known to take an unprecedented amount of photos of her kiddos.  She is also quite good at making mediocre presents look expensive and thoughtful by wrapping them in pretty paper and fine ribbon.  Michelle's favorite part of Rain City Church is the music.  Well... to be more specific, her favorite part of the music is actually the super cool looking, bald electric guitar player with gauges in his ears.   

Michelle lives in Bothell with her husband (the aforementioned guitarist), Tony and their three daughters, Claire, Nora and Alice.