Hannah 2019


Hey everyone! Hannah Henderson here! I moved to Bellevue with my husband, Robby, just a short while ago from Texas. Over this past year I have quickly fallen in love with Rain City Church and the fact that there is no humidity in Bellevue. I served in the KIDS hall at Rain City Church as a volunteer and then as the KIDS Operations role for the summer before joining the team full time as the Connect Pastor. I would love to grab coffee and tell you all about God’s incredible plan and perfect timing that brought me into this exciting role.

A few other things about me.. I graduated with my undergraduate in education from Texas A&M in May 2018 (A-whoop) and my Masters degree from A&M in August 2019. I have a passion for people and talking their ears off. My husband and I have been together since we were fifteen years old and I am incredibly obsessed with our pup, Huckleberry. In my free time I am most likely taking pictures of Huck or cuddling on the couch with him and watching Grey’s Anatomy.