Annette is our volunteer admin extraordinaire who can't help but systemize and plan like the Chuck Norris of organization!  She spends her days as an IT Project Manager for AT&T and enjoys golfing with her hubby, reading westerns and having the uncanny ability to only cross one eye.  Seriously.  Ask her to do it for you the next time you see her.  It's cray-cray.  She loves being part of a place where she feels cared for since the very first time they walked in the doors. It's a place where you can be open and ask questions, share fears or ask for help and there is someone at Rain City who actually cares about all that.  

Annette lives in Bellevue with her husband, Justin, their kids Boe, Jazmyn, Jessalyn and Jaymeson and their golden retriever, Cocoa and their two cats, Candy and Skittles.