One of the best things about going to church is being connected to a local community and we know that can be difficult to establish in the shuffle of a Sunday morning. Groups are designed to help intentionally build those connections mid-week. Summer group registration will begin in June.

Fall Seasonal Groups:

Most seasonal groups meet weekly, for 6-8 weeks. Fall Groups will meet in from late October through December. Get together with others to share a similar activity (mountain biking, BBQs in the park, hiking, etc.), study a book together, or talk about Sunday's message. Include others in your activities, and connect better with your Rain City Church community!

Supper Clubs: 

Supper Clubs are typically ongoing and meet once a month. Supper Clubs are intended for people together together to get to know each other, share a meal and find ways to pray for and support each other as a community. If you've ever been to a dinner party and enjoyed yourself, supper clubs are a great way to connect!