Jesse Butterworth - Lead Pastor

Hi.  I’m Jesse.  And sadly I am not the heir to a syrup empire, but I am the Lead Pastor here at Rain City Church.  My wife, Marisa, and I started this church in 2011 with a small group of dedicated folks, no real idea how to start a church, and the hope of creating a place where spiritual orphans, misfits and burnouts could feel at home.  It’s been incredible to get a front row seat over these past years to see how God has grown this church and is transforming the messiest of lives and turning perfect strangers into a family.  

Before starting Rain City Church, nearly all of my professional experience was in music.  Some of the bright spots in my career include the time that Katy Perry opened for me (waaaaaay before she made it big), I’ve had a few songs go to number one on the Billboard charts, and incredibly, a few songs that I’ve written are still being sung in churches across the world today.  Some of the low points of my career include being a four time loser at the Dove Awards, or the time that I broke my leg in the middle of a show when I jumped off the drum riser in an attempt to do a toe touch.  Apparently being the 7th grade sit and reach champion didn't end up paying off later on in life like I hoped it would.  

I’m a graduate of Azusa Pacific University and am originally from California which is why I still root for my beloved Dodgers, but I’ve fully embraced the Seahawks and am a proud 12th man.  

I live in Kirkland, WA with my wife, Marisa, our three kids, Liam, Finn and Harper, and our dog Maple Syrup.  

Oh, and I forgot to mention one of my most important achievements: I was the Sit & Reach champion of my 7th grade class.

Matt Woll